Thursday, February 20, 2014


High school graduation for me was a given. All roads led there. As senior class president, it was my honor to give the graduation speech. It was full of ideals and dreams of the future. The immediate future was, for me, college. I had been accepted early admission to a great school and in the fall I was on my way. My biggest challenges were who my roommate would be and which meal plan to sign up for. I was graduating behind a long line of college graduates. More than most generations. I was merely putting my potential to work. 

As I prepare to cross the globe to watch the first class of young women EVER graduate from secondary school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya, I am stunned by the difference. Until being admitted to WISER, the most these girl could imagine was being sold into marriage for two cows. That was the future path. 

Knowing them, watching them and helping them has been my true education. They have taught me what is possible, what hope looks like, how to set a seemingly impossible goal and achieve it. It is so much more than just taking the next natural step in a predetermined course.

WISER girls are my inspiration. They are my hope. Knowing them only makes me grateful and certainly makes me wiser. I hope you will join me again for this leg of my journey. We take off March 1! 

Pictured below: Orange High School Class of 1989 Graduation Speakers, Missy Saunders (left) and Viki Klee (right).