Saturday, March 8, 2014

Postscript Note: the Dynamic Duo

Two unsung heroes of WISER are founder, Sherryl Broverman, and Carrie Arndt of J&J. Sherryl turned an area of study, a theory and an idea into a reality. She works tirelessly on behalf of these girls and has been named an honorary "daughter of the soil" by Muhuru Bay.  

Through her son, Mike, Carrie started out as an ambassdor to J&J for sanitary products and now as a board member and major fundraiser, she breathes life into WISER with all the love, sweat and tears of any mom. 

They bring us together, bring us along and organize us (as best they can). We love you and thank you on behalf of the girls and everyone you've allowed into this gift of WISER.

Pictured: Dr. Sherryl Broverman of Duke University, founder and currently chair of the board, Carrie Arndt of J&J, board member, Madeleine Fackler, board member.

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