Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why is education of girls the key?

Many organizations have noted that educating girls is critical to ending hunger, poverty, child mortality. So what makes WISER different? 

First, the focus on not just enrollment, but completion. 

Second, the issue is not just gender inequality, but gender violence.  Real physical violence. But also "structural violence" in the system. And the emotional violence that accompanies it. They are demeaned, demoralized, abused, sexually assaulted and, most criminally, the girls begin to believe they are worth two cows. 

Third, the schools, if they can stay in them, are not adequately set up to help them succeed. They would have to do unthinkable things for school fees, kerosine for lamps to study by (remember the sun goes down at 6 pm), with no support from families. 

Pushing the girls into the schools is hazardous and the girls blame themselves for failing. The best they can hope for is to find a husband to take care of them. The girls may even begin in primary school as high-performing well and then begin to internalize the abuse and the failure begins. 

As a comparator, at other local schools. few girls get above a D on exams, none qualify for university. 30% attrition each year. 

WISER is a gender safe school and environment. The girls get weekly counseling sessions in addition to everything else. NOW, WITH THE EXAM RESULTS, WE HAVE PROVEN THE APPROACH WORKS!!! 

What can you do? Keep WISER going. The future is promising but not guaranteed. Donate now www.wisergirls.org

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