Sunday, January 6, 2013


Interview style with Jeff Pearson and Simon Ho:

M: What are you teaching?
J: The goal of the course is to teach the girls to develop a profitable business.

M: How will they apply your teachings?
J: This course will build on the entrepreneur class Matt is teaching so the girls can build a business by which they can support themselves.

M: So this is good for the girls and the community?
J: Absolutely. They can bring commerce to Muhuru Bay and help grow the region.

M: What can an engineer like yourself add to this course?
S: Having managed a budget for business, I can help the girls understand the concepts needed to run the finances a business.

M: why do all the cats on the compound sleep in your bed?
J: I have no idea! It's a nightmare!

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  1. It must be because Patches and Luna miss you so much...