Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guest Blog by Camry Haskins

In America I work with young people every day. I am their first stop when applying to Job Corps. These are students who are trying for a second chance in education and I commend them for that.

Though I see the potential in all of the students that i work with, when I compare them and other American students to the girls I have met at WISER I can't help being amazed.

This week I was part of a group that taught communication , resume writing and interviewing skills. Though the girls started out bit shy it was obvious to see their thirst for knowledge. They were focused and professional. Their eagerness to learn was infectious.

On our last day of teaching I sat down with several of the girls and did mock interviews with them. They came prepared and many displayed a confidence that demonstrated all of the knowledge they had absorbed in just three short days. I was and am amazed by their growth and determination.

And if all of that wasn't enough, every evening after dinner the girls could be found working diligently on their lessons without a single teacher in the room. All of the girls I met this week were, are, and will always be an inspiration to me.

They have all set high goals for themselves and I truly believe that someday they will be serving their community and their country as the doctors, engineers, lawyers, and journalists that they all dream to be.
Americans could learn a lot from the young girls who reside at the end of the long dirt road.

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