Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Morning

Our accommodations are very thoughtful. We are all in one big room like an American summer camp. Each bunk bed has a mosquito net over it. It is the responsibility of the person on the bottom bunk to tuck in the net at night.

There are no mirrors (we are all pretty grateful for that). Big improvement to the bunk house are running water, toilets and showers with hot water. To get hot water you press a button (which I forgot last night - burrrr) and that is limited but appreciated when you get some!

We spent the first night laughing like kids away at camp for the first time. At first we weren't sure, but it has helped us bond as a team (if you are an avid follower of this blog you may have read a very silly blog post we put on in the middle of the night and subsequently deleted when we woke up and read it again).

The doors are open at night to give us a breeze and the security guards patrol to ensure we are ok a few times a night.

This is more than guests have ever had before and we feel honored to be so well cared for.

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