Friday, January 6, 2017

Guest Blog by the Millennials: Maggie and Kelsey!

Hi there!

It's Millennial time! We are taking over the blog for this post about our trip to the market in Muhuru Bay. 

After a morning assembly, the lorry (truck) transported 90 girls to the nearby market, an infrequent activity for the students. In true hospitality, the girls were eager to act as our personal guides. Taking us by both hands, they went above and beyond to ensure our experience was informative and enjoyable. 

The girls were elated to dive into Lake Victoria where they used to retrieve their water prior to WISER. It wasn't all fun and games, business boot camp was put to the test! They were instructed to evaluate the consumer market, pricing, supply and demand of an LED fishing light by surveying the environment. More to follow on this entrepreneurial business plan! Additionally, Matron, the caretaker of the girls at WISER and the chief's wife, taught the girls bargaining skills. 

Concurrently, a family member in the market asked us, "Why did you choose to come here and teach at WISER?" Our answer was clear: It was the heartfelt stories shared about life in the community and the impact of WISER to date.

During the evening session, successful alumnae stories from John (Kenyan board member) Muthee further solidified our "why." John shared, "Look how far we have come. Recent graduates are currently in med school, law school and studying to become nurses. What we are doing is working." These stories intensify the current students' hard work and dedication in making their dreams a reality. 

The other volunteers tease us for being millennials, but the truth is that the group's diversity in terms of age and geography is really what makes us gel as a volunteer team. 


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