Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy Place

Carrie and I are the only repeat volunteers this trip. The whole ride here I felt like the obnoxious return camper trying to explain camp to a newbie. It's hard to explain the joy that envelopes you like a warm embrace when you experience these girls. The girls greet you with a warm welcome, we are so glad you're here, we missed you. They hold your hands. Proudly show you the campus. Ask questions and always, always want to see the pictures on your phone and pose for more. 

The expectation is that Wiser girls will resemble the stereotypical American teenager: hard to reach, resentful, rebellious. I suppose when your life depends on your education, your attitude changes. Gratitude is your default position. The school that believes in you and invests in you becomes your "happy place." It has been fun to watch the presumptions of the new volunteers melt away once they get to know the girls. 

The entire energy of the campus is one of love mixed with joy. Even the most cynical among us is forever changed by the sweet smile of a WISER girl. 

This is a lame attempt to describe it to you, I wish you were all here with us to experience it as well. It's the best perspective you can get and it doesn't cost a thing. 


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