Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Not Goodbye, Only Farewell

It's taken me a day to begin this post. I thought after my third visit, I would be able to leave WISER without much emotion. As I am so often, I was wrong. 

We stood and listened to the girls' assembly, heard them sing the WISER song in harmony and rounds, then said our goodbyes to the faculty and Madame Dorcas. I was caught off guard when a Form 4 (fourth year) student I spent time with came to the door. She handed me a note and hugged me. She ran back to class and I read the note that brought me to tears, "Dear Melissa, Having you for this short period of time has been so important to me, I want to sincerely thank you for giving me your time...you coming here enabled me to have hope that one day I will come to my dream." The note went on and reduced me to a puddle of tears. I promised her I would not violate her confidence, but suffice it to say this girl made an impression on my heart that will never go away. 

That's what WISER girls do. Without assumption, pure sincerity, and unending gratitude, they make an indelible mark. When I look at the grand scheme of the investment of time and money, time away from work and my own children, it is worth it to be touch by a group of girls who want to change their fate and then the world. 

If  I was a betting person, I would put all my money on them. 


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