Saturday, January 7, 2017

Guest Blog by Michael Freidberg

We visited the market at Muhuru Bay yesterday. The girls are all from this area, and many of their parents approached our group to hug their children and speak with our volunteers. One man proudly explained that his youngest daughter and his first granddaughter are both WISER students. 

We took a short walk to the fishing port on the shore of Lake Victoria. The girls, delighted by a chance to escape the equatorial heat, jumped in the water for a quick swim. They also used the visit to work on an assignment from their class on Entrepreneurship - they conducted a market survey to assess potential demand for one of their science fair projects: a solar-powered LED lamp to attract fish to the fishermen's nets. 

As we walked back to the market, I was struck by the realization that we are less than 400 kilometers from Olduvai Gorge, where the Leakeys discovered the fossils of Homo Habilis. We evolved here, and we have walked the land by this lake for millions of years. We have come home.

WISER Dad and Grandfather all in one 

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